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Gun Express

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Gun ExpressDeliver a precious cargo in this futuristic motorbike driving and shooting extravaganza. Arrows or AWSD to move, Mouse to shoot.

Puppet Tennis

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The Puppet ATP World Tennis Tour is under way and your little puppet player made it into the final rounds! Play singles head to head with your high ranking opponent and become the next Roger, Raphael or Novak?...

Golf Go Go Go

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Golf Go Go Go is a full of challenging and exciting game.Control the Ball,get to the finish line.Keep an eye on your limited time,Have fun!If you like this game,you can share your score with your friends. Arro...

Sir Jump

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Sir JumpThis fancy guy sure loves to bounce. All the way over the top of mountains, if you can believe it...

Captain Nutty

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Captain Nutty is a fun, berserk shooting game, in which you must guide an anxious, brave squirrel on his journey for the golden acorn! Impact through the skies, shooting all obstructions in your way, gathering...

Ocean Drift Racing

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Ocean Drift RacingOcean Drift Racing challenges you to the ultimate aquatic race! Pit your wits against other motorboat racers, dodging a variety of dangerous obstacles along the way. Weave your way past rocks, bridg...

Dogfight SIM

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In Dogfight SIM, its the second World War and you're a lone pilot in the skies. Are you the best there is, born to fight, shoot and kill? Maneuver your plane to avoid enemy fire and mid-air collisions. This is...

Kung Fu Panda – Hidden Numbers

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Observe the images of Kung Fu Panda, see if you can find all of the hidden numbers. use your mouse to find the hidden numbers Kung Fu Panda - Hidden Numbers Review, Kung Fu Panda - Hidden Numbers Cheats, Kung...

X-Pong Armageddon: Tournament Edition

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Has Ping Pong ever seemed a bit boring to you? Do you feel it needs more to be a bit moreextreme? Well then X-PONG ARMAGEDDON: TOURNAMENT EDITION is just the game for you, prove tothe world that you are the be...

Mr Tart Football

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Mr. Tart and his fellow players are back for a serious time of playing football. Pick your favorite Mr. Tart Football player, choose will you play against the local CPU champ or play the 2 players mode against...

Earn to Die 2 Exodus

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Earn to Die 2 Exodus - Run over more zombies as you upgrade your vehicle. After driving across the USA news has come that all survivors are encouraged to reach the evacuation harbor. Purchase upgrades and equi...

Young Lee

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Young Lee, needing to submit to his training, watches his master fall to the hands of the Dragon King. Journey on a quest of vengeance to get the dragon blood back and stop the Dragon King. Using only your mou...

Lux Ultimate

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Accompanied with the pure energy sword and challenged by your best friend, in this 2 players game you guide your Lux runner as you slash thru overgrown poisonous plants, instantly shift between lanes trying to...

Fun Mask

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Revive some fond memories of your childhood pranks which might include bullying the girls and other children in your neighborhood. Share the moments with this boy who uses a mask to frighten the girl near him....

Quebrix v

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Prepare to check your logical thinking! Here your main mission is to make a whole picture of four pieces. You can move the pieces vertically and horizontally. Pay attention to the fact that you must manage to ...

Feed My Little Panda

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Hi Kids!!! Come on lets guide the little panda to run. A little panda is going to meet it's parent but it is very hungry. Help this little panda to reach the target and also feed it on his path. Be careful with the ...

Ancient Origins flying fish

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Follow fred on a journey across the sea! fred follows mouse cursor click to jump our of water collect pearls then FLY!!Ancient Origins{flying fish} Review, Ancient Origins{flying fish} Cheats, Ancient Origins{fl...

Red Crucible Firestorm

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Red Crucible Firestorm is an online Multiplayer first person shooter, designed for both infantry and vehicle combat. Play with up to 20 players with modern weapons and vehicles. Combat including Tanks, Helicopters, ...

New Games


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Because Zombie is most popular nowdays, Tifa father always bought her Zombie dolls..but Tifa want to have another doll, she really like a bear dolls..Play CraneItUp and help Tifa to get a bear dolls as much as...

Mr Tart Football

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Mr. Tart and his fellow players are back for a serious time of playing football. Pick your favorite Mr. Tart Football player, choose will you play against the local CPU champ or play the 2 players mode against...

Hex Puzzle

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Drag the pieces made of hexagons onto the board to create full rows and try to score as many points as possible!

Muay Thai

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Muay Thai is a really old art of fighting that originates from Thailand. It is sometimes referred to as the science of eight limbs since it includes the use of punches, kicks, knees and elbows. Make your way t...

Pirates vs Ninja

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We all love pirates and ninja games now we have the both of them in a single game Pirates vs Ninja. This is a sword fighting game in which you are a ninja but a drunken pirate as well. You can jump, double jum...

Fish Resort

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Did you ever think about buying a fish tank? Fish Resort turns the fish tank into a fantastic, free online game! You take care of the most different and colorful fishes, you have to feed them and treat them wi...

Fancy Diver 3

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In Fancy Diver 3 it is your task to help the divers to reach the surface. To remove the blocks that keep the divers from reaching the surface, you just have to click or tap on a group of at least three bloc...

Drag Race 3D

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For many years drag races have been the easiest way to participate in an motor sport event. Two cars, two drivers and a bit of straight road is all it takes to experience this raw and simplistic competition. ...

Jump Up

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Let your cuddly little raccoon jump up to the sky in Jump Up! - the endless jumping game! This arcade-style platform jumper will test your reaction and timing skill! After the last volcanic eruption the jungle...

Coaster Racer 2

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More high flying racing in this sequel to the wildly popular Coaster Racer. This time there’s a new nitro system, challenge races, and bikes as well as cars.

Laser Cannon 2

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Shoot, squash, blow up and destroy all the monsters in each level by using your laser cannon.The new “Laser Cannon” is bigger, better and more beautiful:) Use mouse to shot.Hold on the mouse button...


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Floats is a simple Maths Game. The floats are flying around the game and they have numbers on them. Click on all the floats in an ascending order (from 1, 2, 3 etc etc) to make them disappear, before the time ...


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MONOPOLY - It's the classic game of Monopoly that you know and love with an online twist. Play Monopoly Online with your friends. Play with Mouse

Jack The Giant Slayer

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If you liked Jack the Giant Slayer movie, then you will love to play the game called Jack the Giant Slayer: Fallon's Fury. In Jack the Giant Slayer: Fallon's Fury, you are Fallon, the two headed-leader of the ...

Alien Punchout

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Two alien fighters are about to measure their strengths and weaknesses by dueling themselves on the craziest and funkiest 2 player fight ever existed! However, these alien fighters are interested for having qu...

8-bit Dash

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Head back in time when the 8-bit 2 player games were mean to be fun and made to create records. Grab your colorful 8-bit Dash and slide your way thru this retro-themed and pixelated adventure of collecting dia...

Bugs Got Guns

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Protect your apple at all costs. Don't let down the trust of your queen! Collect power ups and do your best to kill all enemies, who try to steal your precious. Fire your weapons and 'God save the Queen!' Play...

Can Fighters

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Meanwhile, in the backyard, two bored kids are going to play an unusual 2 player game, the Can Fighters game! This time killing game is simple to play, but hard to master. The goal in here is to kick the can a...

Most Popular

Ame Fury

12.65K Played0 Comments

Ame FuryReign for power, domination and martial art demonstration, falls upon Earth... It rains for Ame Fury, a new 2 player game where you fight in a turn-based tournament against players from all over the world! F...


8.72K Played1 Comments

In WordStone you must form horizontal or vertical words. Words can be between 3 and 8 letters long. You can submit 1 or 2 words at a time.You can arrange words by clicking the mouse to grab. place or swap tiles...

Kamikaze Cat

7.17K Played0 Comments

The Cat Empire, that were living with joy since very long time, has become the new objective of the Devil King and his Army of Darkness. Lead the Cat Empire Royal Airforce to defeat the Devil King once and for all. ...

Cut The Rope

6.12K Played0 Comments

Cut the rope to feed candy to Om Nom! A mysterious package has arrived, and the little monster inside has only one request? CANDY! Collect gold stars, discover hidden prizes and unlock exciting new levels in this addi...

Pixar Personality Quiz

4.62K Played0 Comments

Which Pixar Character Are You?Is life taking you to ifinity and beyond? Or are you too scared to leave your little part of the reef? Are you working hard to break the ultimate scare record, or are you content wi...

Mila Kunis Dress-up

3.77K Played2 Comments

Mila Kunis Dress-up. Give the famous American actress Mila Kunis A total new sexy, classy or elegante outfit. Play with your mouse

Barbie dress up Patchwork Peasant Dress

2.96K Played0 Comments

Here comes wonderful Barbie with another fashion style challenge for you girls! Today she's going to test your awesome imagination and style planner abilities as she's in an incredible need of a peasant dress ...

Bubble Machine

2.60K Played0 Comments

eBubble Machine Review, Bubble Machine Cheats, Bubble Machine Walkthrough!

Tea Mahjong

2.58K Played0 Comments

Grab a cup of tea and settle in for this challenging take on the classic board game.

The Impossible Quiz 2

2.47K Played2 Comments

After the first Impossible Quiz was so popular, and no live soul succeed to finish it and completely comprehend it, here comes a more current, much harder and certainly more odd form of The Impossible Quiz 2 part! A...

Fancy Diver

2.14K Played3 Comments

Fancy DiverFind at least 3 corals of the same color that are chained together to save the Fancy Divers from drowning.

Get Groovy

1.86K Played1 Comments

The web game everyone can groove to! MouseGet Groovy Review, Get Groovy Cheats, Get Groovy Walkthrough!

Masha and the Bear games memory

1.72K Played2 Comments

Masha and the bear games.Improve your memory skills with this fun Masha memory game.

Dress-up Ariana Grande

1.69K Played3 Comments

Dress-up Ariana Grande. Ariana Grande has a performance tonight. But let's do a make up for her first.

Fun Math

1.61K Played1 Comments

Fun Math is an fun approach to support your general rationale and speculation abilities (and a standout amongst the most lucrative degrees you can win!). You'll be confronted with a huge number of quick paced math c...

Fat Ninja

1.61K Played0 Comments

Fat Ninja is a Ninja Game about Stealth. Using your ninja skills try not to get spotted by the security guards, as you make your way through the building. Use your judgement whether you should hide, or use one of yo...


1.57K Played0 Comments

For those that missed Ecco The Dolphins' appearance, enter Azurefish! Control your ocean faring animal in 20 destinations, while gathering questions along the route (around 240+ collectibles altogether). Partake in ...

Reel Gold

1.57K Played0 Comments

REEL GOLD Collect all the gold nuggets within the time allowed to advance Arrow keys.Reel Gold Review, Reel Gold Cheats, Reel Gold Walkthrough!

Wizard Walls

1.56K Played2 Comments

Arcade defense game featuring original gameplay. Save sheep, cover the engineer and caravans, protect the balloon and keep vicious trolls and goblins away from your soldiers. Mouse

Pixies Breakawish

1.38K Played1 Comments

Funny Nickelodeon Pixies breakout game: Bounce Timmy onto the Pixie Blocks to break them. Don't let our Hero fall below! Use the arrow keys to move Cosmo and Wanda. Press Spacebar to release sticky Timmy

Bugs Bunny Hopping Carrot Hunt

1.34K Played0 Comments

The Carrot Truck has spilled its gargo! Help Bugs Bunny gather all the garrots that have fallen out of the truck. Use the mouse to move bugs. Left and Right, and click to jump

Zombie Assault 4

1.32K Played0 Comments

Zombie Assault 4 is the latest game in the SAS: Zombie Assault series from Ninja Kiwi.The year is 3104, and a virus outbreak on the trans-federation planet of Thera threatens the very fate of mankind. The only thing...

Back To Candyland – Episode 1

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Back To Candyland - Episode 1Find at least three of the same-colored candies and remove them from the field. Master new challenges in every level and finish each one with three stars!

Smart Spa Shop

1.24K Played0 Comments

Smart Spa Shop is a Place Which Typically Offers Various Health and magnificence Treatments for young ladies, would you be able to handle all the clients and give them some unwinding minutes in their distressi...